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My mom bought me Batman and TMNT fundies today! I love them.

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Omg. Only I would manage to skin their knee on a wall during sex…

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Well that was an awesome Easter gift! Well worth missing GoT for…


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Do you ever have one of those days where you know you’re going to get laid but you ate a huge meal and you feel heavy and large and all you want to do is keep all of your clothing on?
Yeah. I might have to wear a skirt tonight.

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Since the mall is closed, (and everything else) I’m off work and have nothing to do. I was going to redesign my tumblr page but IT’S NOT WORKING. So now I’m sitting here eating my life away with Kinder eggs. Someone entertain me?

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Do you have a Fetlife account?

from Anonymous

I infact, do. If you can find me that is.

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THIS IS PISSING ME OFF! Is anyone else having a problem loading the customizer??

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I can’t stop looking at it…

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Look what I went and got today!! Sooo happy, I’ve been wanting this forever!

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To all of you who didn’t know that was coming:


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What the hell am I going to do today?

It’s a BEAUTIFUL day out, I’m off work, it’s a Saturday and I have NOTHING TO DO.
I need something to do.

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It’s 7°C outside (44°F for you ‘mericans…) and my friend is outside tanning.


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